The Completion Process

Are you familiar with the following problems?

Emotional entanglements

Do you suffer from emotional entanglements and recurring conflicts with family members, your partner and/or colleagues?


Do you have low energy levels and do you often feel drained?


Do you have trouble following through with things?


Do you have trouble honoring your boundaries? Do you recognize them only later after they have been overrun or do you have trouble communicating them to others?

Sadness & Anger

Do you have recurrent "negative" emotions such as sadness, anger and despair and not know how to handle them?


Do you have no idea how to step out of the vicious circle of thoughts and triggers?

The flow of the process

During a Completion process session I offer you my unconditional presence and loving attention. I will be accompanying you through the 17 steps that will lead to deep shifts of your inner structures of thoughts, awareness and feelings. Your „negative“ emotions of the present are like threads that will lead us back to the experiences that have shaped you. You are now presented with the opportunity to change the past, experience it anew and in that way create resolution – a bit more with each process.

You will go through this process led by your intuition, similar to a guided meditation. Relief and empowerment will follow. Finally these long-suppressed and unwanted feelings are felt and in that way they are able to release their charge. Step by step you will be able to make decisions freely that will lead to a more fulfilled life. Triggers will either disappear or not be experienced with the same intensity as before. You will be able to perceive them from more distance, like a spectator. You will be closer to yourself.

About Senay

Senay is well versed at tuning in to her clients. She considers it her purpose on this planet to assist and facilitate people's transformation. She lovingly holds a safe and trusting space for people to be able to dive deep within themselves without any fear of judgement. Senay was certified as a Completion Process Certified Practitioner by Teal Swan in November 2016. She holds a degree in dance and choreography (ArteZ School of the Arts, The Netherlands) and is a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher as well as a facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie.
Senay Funk

Senay Funk

Completion Process Practitioner

The subject areas of self-awareness, childhood trauma, connection and true intimacy have increasingly caught my attention since the birth of my first child almost 9 years ago. I went through a brief episode of postnatal depression. After my second child was born 5 years later I went into PND again, this time much deeper. In retrospect I consider it a wake-up call to work my way out of co-dependency patterns, step into my power and live my life's purpose. My life experience and the suffering I've been through are a great source of wisdom that I now use when supporting other people on their path. I have been there and I have come back. I can stand beside you now. My specialties are isolation trauma, depression and manipulation. Other subjects that are dear to my heart are natural pregnancy and childbirth, green smoothies and healthy nutrition, as well as living in community.

What others are saying about working with me

Here are several testimonials of people I've had the chance to work with. Please understand that the identity of a few of the writers has been disguised.
Lanna L.

Lanna L.

Senay has helped me to realize that I am worth being seen: that whatever I have experienced in my life doesn't change who I am – a unique and beautiful human being. We all are. Her unconditional presence and tender voice were there for me in my most vulnerable moments, and she was able to make me feel safe and loved and give me strength to go through the process of healing past trauma. I am looking forward to our future sessions and I am very grateful to have found Senay as a friend and as a healer.



My CP session with Senay was a powerful experience. She has a very strong presence that made me feel safe to dive deep into my feelings. At first I had a hard time getting there, but I was intuitively guided by Senay, who exactly had exactly the right words to get me in touch with the issue I wanted to work on. My inner child loved her nurturing way of validating every single emotion that came up as well as her unconditional love during the whole process. I highly recommend working with Senay!

Ronny M.

Ronny M.


In my second session with Senay I had a breakthrough. First, I would like to say that I often had a feeling that I was surrounded by a sort of darkness. It was about the way that I viewed myself, my goals and my future in general. I have often considered myself as not enough, even as a mistake. I didn't have any big dreams. In the session, after a long, seemingly motionless period, I lived through a birthing process. The moment came when I broke through a blockage and the darkness changed into a warm golden light. It was a deeply emotional as well as physical process, I was soaking wet from sweat. It was unbelievable. The darkness dissolved in this session. There are still ups and downs, but I'm seeing myself in a better light. I do not yet have a master plan for my future, but the roadblock is gone and it's not that dark anymore.

Christiane M.

Christiane M.

Makeup Artist

I feel lighter and more free, and I am also more relaxed in difficult situations. Senay is a wonderful facilitator for CP. By asking precise questions, she leads you where there is pain and suppression, helping you transform it into a beautiful feeling of fully accepting and embracing your inner child. I highly recommend working with her. For me it was and continues to be beyond words, a great experience! Thank you.

Susanne K.

Susanne K.


Senay is the most intuitive and loving person I know. Her coaching is soothing and supportive. She is the right person for those who want to break through old patterns and beliefs to reach their full potential.


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